Roger Whitfield - furniture


Since 1987, pieces that I've designed and made have been commissioned and bought by people mainly up and down the UK but also in the Netherlands and as far away as Japan. Some arrived as friends, and others became friends.

My practice has been based on native and other temperate hardwoods and on explicit wooden jointing methods. Practicality and good proportion have also been key.

A few examples:


Ladderback chairs in oak and yew

Study table in ash-wood

Study table - structure

Table and chairs in native ash

Board-back chairs in oak

Burry sycamore

Cantilever chairs in ash

Sideboard detail (elm)

Informal sideboard, elm-wood

Yew chair construction detail

Ladderback chair assembly

Ash-wood easy rocker

Commissioned slant-leg chair variant

Slant-leg chairs in oak

Sycamore table detail

Writing table in progress

Writing table in yew-wood

Yew dining table